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 Leveling Time Spreadsheets

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The Lord of Oblivion
The Lord of Oblivion

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Leveling Time Spreadsheets Empty
PostSubject: Leveling Time Spreadsheets   Leveling Time Spreadsheets EmptySun Jan 20, 2008 11:46 pm

There were just created now so there may be flaws, but you never know king

Tell me if you find an errors/flaws other then the ones already noted within the spreadsheet
Excel 07 ?8v9jmncftjs
Excel 97-03 ?bi2ydz3mudz

please post and comments suggestions Smile
edit: Updated Jan24,5:05PM

I have changed the colour to a different shade of green and updated the worksheet. The cells which contain formula's are locked, so only the inputs are alterable, contact me privately if you wish to alter the worksheet and I will tell you how to unprotect it(if you dont know how)

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Leveling Time Spreadsheets Empty
PostSubject: Re: Leveling Time Spreadsheets   Leveling Time Spreadsheets EmptyFri Jan 25, 2008 12:41 am

Greetings Quazi...

If you allow me, i shall add something to players who like to travel, have fun and enjoy...

Please do not hurry much to rush to level 2 from level 1... The rush from level 0 to level 1 is certainly important to have funds and build characteristics points, but once on Level 1, enjoy to maximum, travel, trade, meet people, build stats... Then when you think you want to have a workshop, build one... Then you will be a busy man/woman the first days as you would love to devote yourself to your new task...

When you get to level 2, make sure you have only 500 (or around) as cash in hand... the rest, use it to buy raw materials for what you are going to chose... example, if you are to be a miller the next day after going to secretary, buy 10 wheat bags and keep them in your inventory... If you reach 500 pounds without any other money, but enough characs, i do not advise you to level up as you will find yourself with 0 pounds the next day and a beautiful workshop... which will cause you to work hard to get the funds again to buy raw materials...

This is only advice, and anyone can follow or not, or propose something else Smile

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Leveling Time Spreadsheets
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