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 level 2 - The Baker

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Well, since i know this one too well, i shall put it here to help players who are ready to level up to chose...

• The baker uses flour to produce bread.
• Before you make a decision, ask your mayor if there aren’t to much bakers already in the town to avoid overproduction.

The trade of baker.

1) It's necessary to buy flour bags from the market.
2) It's necessary to buy wood bushels from the market.
3) The flour and wood peices need to be put into your property inventory.
4) The baker cooks this flour into bread, ready to be consumed or sold.

- 1 flour bag is used to make 3 loafs of breads.
- 1 bushel of wood is needed per 2 bags of flour.
- A baker can treat at most 12 bags of flour which gives him a maximum production of 36 loafs of bread per day.

Which in clear explanation is: You buy 12 bags of flour, 6 wood bushels. You put them in your inventory, and click work. The next day you get 36 bread loaves which you sell under 6,70 pounds to help everybody and participate in your helping the town prosper.

Prices & profits.

• The average price for flour is 15.60 pounds and for wood pieces is 3,70 pounds.
• Though free to choose the price, the price of the bread must respect a certain degree of honesty so consumer and producer can both benefit. Most of the time a loaf of bread can be sold for 6.30-6.80 pounds.

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level 2 - The Baker
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