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 When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP)

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When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP) Empty
PostSubject: When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP)   When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP) EmptyThu Feb 14, 2008 11:47 pm

Ever since the world was created, their have been Superheroes. Whether they gained their powers from science, magic, or something entirely different, they have wielded their abilities as protectors of humanity. However, just as day is always faced with its utter opposite in the night, there are Supervillains who use their abilities to advance their own agendas. Throughout history, the two forces have always balanced one another out.

Now, however, the balance is in danger of shifting deeply in favor of the forces of darkness. A Villain believed dead for years is seemingly stirring while the first Superhuman to be elected President takes office amongst a storm of controversy. Those in tune with the magical world have sensed a great disturbance from dark magics, while in the depths of space alien forces plot against humanity.

In all this, the classic distinctions of Hero and Villain are getting harder and harder to see. Heroes are taking to more harsh methods including execution, while Villains have become more lax in their methods and a new government program allows for former Villains to reform and reintigrate with society. The time has now come for the greatest test of Good and Evil, and the Superhumans of the world must be ready, for they are Gods amongst the Earth.


1. No godmod, wank, etc. This is going to be tough, considering the circumstances, but to counter this (See #2)

2. YOU MUST HAVE LIMITS. And make them good. You don't have to struggle to pick up a car, but you shouldn't be able to hurl continents with your pinky either.

3. Try to be both:

A. Original. Don't copy already done Supeheroes or Villains, and try not to fall into the molds of other characters. There are some pretty good examples of originality out there.

B. Restricted. Try to keep to one field. For example, don't be a superpowered alien who is also a master wizard. However, for being original, perhaps you could be an alien who uses magic. After all, why should just humanity get it?

4. Give your characters interesting personalities. The wealthy Bruce Wayne-esque hero might be more snobbish and elitest, while a lower class hero might have trouble getting along with them. Also, feel free to do interesting things with your character's history or traits. Maybe he's a former drug addict. Or maybe he currently is a drug addict.

5. Try not to use weapons if you have powers or if you can help it. And if you do, don't carry heavy firepower or take advantage of it. Particularly, don't go flying around hefting a rocket launcher, and don't take a sword and try to slice people up at superspeed. Having the whole battlesuit deal is fine, as long as that is your main thing. Also, try to keep your powers in a theme or connected somehow. It just feels and works better.

Background Info:

Franklin Joseph Winston, also known as Alliance, a Superhero who has existed since the late 50's and doesn't age, among other powers, was recently elected US President. He has enacted several Pro-Superhero laws to empower Earth's defenders, seemingly against some unknown threat. I know his powers and such, so if anyone ends up fighting him, Hero or Villain, then its all together.

The Crimson Network, a secretive villainous organization originally composed of former Nazis which has grown to include a number of different groups, and its leader, the enigmatic Crimson Crown, have also begun strange actions. They possess an army composed of cloned supersoldiers, battle robots, psychics, mystics, and various superbeings. I also have the Crimson Crown's stuff down in my head. He is a more manipulative person but still a competent fighter.

Numerous superpowered beings known as Metagenics have been born. They are this RP's equivelant to Mutants, and there are a number of different groups of them. The government is split about its actions over them, but they are currently not prejiduced against as they are just seen to be like Superheroes.

Feel free to make more of your own groups from there. This is just some background info.


Superhero/Supervillain Name: (Delete whichever is unnecessary)
Out of Costume Appearance:
Costume Look:
Source of Powers: (i.e. Magic, Science, Metagenic, Alien, etc. Put training if you have no powers and have just trained, as the title suggests.)
Weakness(es): (Can be literal, i.e. Kryponite, or character flaws, but all the same at least one weakness is necessary.)

I'll do mine later.
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PostSubject: Re: When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP)   When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP) EmptyFri Feb 15, 2008 6:38 am

well this sucks... I already exist! I'll have to make up some other person/hero/evil villain...
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When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP)   When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP) EmptyFri Feb 15, 2008 9:42 pm

well this is the Role Playing sub forum.

I mean we could do that whole "you are walking through the dungeon-forest, and a dragon comes out and... it's scary!" routine, but I prefer we go for something more original.
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When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP)   When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP) EmptySat Feb 16, 2008 1:07 am

Name:Thomas Rachen
Superhero Name:Captin Cranium
Age: 23
Out of Costume Appearance: Casual Businessman
Costume Look:Sleak Silver Body Armour Looking Suit
Source of Powers: Stumbled upon a very radioactive planet while exploring the universe. He was infused with a special gene giving him his abilities
Powers/Abilities/Skills/Etc: Amazingly Extreme brain power, X-ray vision, Can manipulate gravity around him, can heal himself over prolonged periods of time, can't age.
Weakness(es): Special Metagenic Magnets, Extreme Heats
Personality:Nice, Fun Loving Person who is somewhat discreat and doesn't like to talk to many people
Bio:Thomas Rachen was born into a poor family.Living in a small town a few miles east of Washington D.C., at first became very interested in politics. But, soon his interest faded away and died. He then began to like Science. He study many things and always wanted to know more and more. He graduated High School and age 15 and went to college for about 10 years.He majored in anything Science related that he could.After college he got into space travel. He was then recruited by the US Air Force and became an Intergalaticnaut, he explored many worlds and was tasked with charting parts of the universe. While enjoying his voyage around the universe, Thomas discovered a planet that wasn't on any of the charts. So he oviously check it out. While there he discovered a strange matieral and stored it on his ship. Over time the material toxicated his ship. All of his crew died except for him. A passing starship rescued him from the planet and it was latered destroyed. When he returned to Earth he was in a coma for many weeks. When he recovered no one coul believe it. He was then released from the Air Force and estabished a company that created weapons for the US's military. It wasnt till 3 years later that he relized he had super powers. He then decided to use them for good, not evil.
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When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP)   When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP) Empty

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When Gods Walk the Earth (A Superhero RP)
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